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Who & Why?

– Who we are –

Over 40 Years of Helping Businesses

Ormer Financial Management Outsourcing is a business that is the product of the team’s combined experience of over forty years in the accounting world and, more specifically, twenty five years in the provision of outsourced services. The company has a strongly held belief that growing businesses are not best served by their external accountants production of financial data many months or possibly years after the actual event. Being an Historian for the client serves no practical purpose when running a business day by day. In tandem with this, the in-house accounting resource may not have the combined capacity nor expertise to help drive that business from a financial perspective.

– Our services –

Experienced Financial Management Support

Businesses need a suitably experienced level of regular financial management support to help guide them through today’s economic challenges. However, the cost of employing full time financial personnel with suitable experience to resolve these issues can be unnecessarily prohibitive – the solution is Ormer Financial Management Outsourcing. Headquartered in the most northern Isle of the Bailiwick of Guernsey we provide our broad range of services to the Bailiwick and beyond.

– Challenges –

The Challenges Faced by Business:

A number of financial management and accounting concerns can exist for a business:


The burden of the accounts function being placed on the Owner Manager;


Inaccurate information;


Untimely production;


The format and presentation of data not being fit for purpose;


Non-adherence to the latest regulatory and statutory requirements;


No, or inadequate, financial guidance from any in-house resource;

If not addressed all of these issues can and will hinder business development and divert managements time from focusing on the core activities of the business.

Let us Help Your Business